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Drama is the queen of all genres. Drama movies, or from the ancient Greek “deeds,” are the most popular and widespread all over the world. It is drama movies that are the best examples of highly artistic cinematography. Dramatic pictures appeal to our reality, the relationships of people, the contradictions of actions. And most importantly, real drama leaves the choice to the viewer, without imposing the right conclusions. Dramatic movies are like a test of a person’s strength. These movies portray a person’s personal life and their interaction with society. Since social ties are an integral part of life for all people, it is easy for the viewer to transfer the character’s experiences to their own. Sometimes such tapes can also have a therapeutic effect, equivalent to a visit to a psychologist. Download dramas via torrent in a wide range you can on our site. Drama genre can also be called the most vague. It often includes very different pictures. Drama movies, especially Hollywood, often in the center of the struggle for justice. A courtroom drama is very common in the United States. Naturally, a happy ending is almost a must.
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