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Sci-fi has long ceased to be a non-serious genre. The best directors, such as Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, turn to this genre. Sci-fi movies necessarily contain some kind of fantastical assumption, an unusual element that distinguishes the world the authors have created from our own. This allows filmmakers to ask difficult, even philosophical questions. By changing the conditions of the characters’ existence, by adding unusual circumstances, the authors can show important features of the human character. Because any sci-fi, in the first place, is not about amazing technology, but about people. Sci-fi torrent movies are now available at But do not think that all sci-fi movies are very serious and boring. The main representatives of the genre are perky and vivacious action-adventure movies, whose action takes place in unusual settings, such as in outer space or the dystopian world of the future. Sci-fi torrent in good quality will help you have a good time without leaving home. Sci-fi download torrent YIFY can be useful for the development of imagination and interest in technical innovations and inventions. It is known that many of the gadgets that are now considered part of our everyday lives – cell phones, video conferencing, TVs – were originally predicted and invented in science fiction. A sci-fi torrent can showcase – albeit with some delay – the latest technological developments in movies, and you can learn about them as one of the first, a peek into the future that awaits us. You can download sci-fi movies torrent free on our site.
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